My work in the publishing field has encompassed virtually every aspect of manuscript planning and production, from bright idea through final layout and typesetting. Clients have ranged from individuals to large publishing houses, and I have successfully completed numerous different types of projects. I have experience with both the electronic and more traditional approaches to editing and publishing, and am conversant with most platforms and styles.

Among the organizations I have provided editorial services for are Little, Brown and Company; Walter Foster Publishing;
San Diego Unified School District
Regional Occupational Program
; Pearson Education;
Natural History Publications;
Heron Books; Bridge Publications; Children's Initiative; Discovery Education; Regis College; Publications International; Skinner House Books;
IDEA Health & Fitness
; Baylor College of Medicine;
Books by Dampier
; Sea Level Publishing;
University of Minnesota
; CTS Weekly; and College-Hill Press.

View these publications I have worked on:
Family Caregiver Magazine
On the Religious Frontier, Firouzeh Mostashari
The Cinematic Tango, Tamara Falicov
Lizzi & Fredl, William B. Stanford
Vietnam: No Regrets, Joel Richard Watkins

Sample these publications with the Amazon Online Reader:
Primrose U.S.M.C.: First TouróRescue
Trapped Between the Extremes of Good and Evil
The Pedagogy and the Boys from Beal Alley Boulevard
The Downfall and Rise of Steven Leroy Zienner

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